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Extra-Curricular Activities

A students social life is as important as their academic life, for their overall development. In addition to building students technical skills, we emphasize on developing their soft skills like time management, self-confidence, interpersonal relations, working together as a team, problem solving abilities, communication and leadership skills. It is also important to build students physical and mental strength of the students to cope up with the challenges. To support students build these necessary skills we are conducting the extracurricular activities and hence providing an environment for their overall development.


These activities include music, art or drama, cultural activities, and extension activities to orient the students thinking about gender equity, environment, cleanliness, community service etc. These activities are generally voluntary. Extra-curricular activities render the students a sense of togetherness, attitude towards the community and meaningful living leading to inculcation of professional and moral values.


1. The extracurricular activities are beneficial for,
2. Time management and prioritizing
3. Setting Goals
4. Team work and Leadership Traits
5. Self-Esteem
6. Explore diverse interests
7. Problem solving abilities
8. Develop empathy
9. Teaches how to deal with success and failures
10. Builds physical and mental strength
11. Connects students with college and creates a sense of belonging

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