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Pharmacognosy Laboratory

It is believed that the human body finds plant-derived medicines easier to accept due to the fact that they exist in nature and are not synthetic. This laboratory deals with study of plants or and medicinal agents derived from plant origin, which includes study of physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of crude (unprepared) drugs. The laboratory well equipped with the instruments for the study of physical, chemical, macro & microscopical, biochemical (active chemical constituents) and biological (effects of natural compounds on human and animals) characteristics of plant drugs. The instruments available in the laboratory are Camera Lucida, Occular Micrometer, Eye Piece Micrometer, Research Trionocular Microscope, Stage Micrometer, Projection Microscope, UV –Cabinet, Soxhlet apparatus, Heating Mantle, Hot Plate, Digital balance. Pharmacognosy charts are also displayed in the laboratory. Practicals of First year B.Pharm subject Pharmacognosy, Second year B.Pharm subject Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry-I/II, Third year B.Pharm subjects Analytical Pharmacognosy & Extraction Technology and Natural Product Chemistry, and Final year B.Pharm subjects Natural Drug Technology are conducted in this laboratory.

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